Hahmot pelissä

Neutral Warriors, usually known as NW, is a small Finnish Anarchy Online organization on Rimor dimension. While we are small org, we do have some friends not part of our organization, but on the guestchannel instead. Members are like a family, many knowing each other outside of the game as well.

What do Neutral Warriors have?

Neutral Warriors itself got a instanced city located at Serenity Islands, with all QL300 buff buildings. We have occasionally had tower fields as well, though there is no big participation in tower wars. 

Of course, we do have our organization bot, Nwbot. Nwbot links NW, our guest channel and IRC channel. We also got couple bots for raiding.

What do Neutral Warriors do?

So, we have set ourselces up pretty decently, but do we do? To be honest, we don't have any plans, even if we talk about the Neutral World Domination and Finnish World Domination. We are PvM oriented, and actions are in line with that mostly, such as:

Some of our members are, or have been, raidleaders and admins on different raid bots. We are PvM oriented organization, but PvP is not forbidden.

Joining Neutral Warriors

Neutral Warriors mainly recruits Finnish speaking people. But our guestchannel is open to our friends to join, if you are friends with us you can ask how to get to channel.

Contacting Neutral Warriors

Mireiawen is currently the leader of the organization, and main contact. But feel free to ask our members if you wish to know more.